Victorinox An Exceptional Quality Cutlery Brand

This stainless steel is easy to use and paring vegetables and fruits with it can be done with ease. In addition to the paring knife, other knives that feature a fibrox nylon handle have the ability to be used for slicing tomatoes, paring, filleting, and general cooking. This knife comes with the option of a 3 or 4 inch blade and the choice of red or black. One of the selections available in the fine line of Victorinox knives is the paring

Here are some of the features and contents of the Victorinox Cutlery 8-Piece Set: 1. 8-Piece Set Ratings: 4. Material: High-carbon, no-stain-steel blades; full tang processed for strength and balance. Set Includes: 4-inch paring; 6-inch boning; 8-inch chef's knife; 8-inch bread; 10-inch slicing; 10-inch sharpening steel; kitchen shears and slant hardwood block. Ergonomic black fibrox handles that minimizes wrist strain.

Can be washed by hand and the brand offers lifetime warranty on this set. 5 from total of 44 ratings. 8-piece Forschner cutlery set, this is a hand-finished set from the factory in Switzerland. Purchasing the sets is more economical and its popular cutlery set is the 8 piece block set. The brand offers their knives separately or in combination of many types of knife sets. This particular set includes a chef's knife, bread, a sliver, parer, boning, honing steel, kitchen shears, and an oak storage block.

There is a wide range in this set which can be used for varied purpose. You could end up spending much more time than necessary and possibly waste the food you are preparing. You could opt to buy knives that are less expensive, but if you aren't maximizing the food you have you probably aren't saving much money anyway. Cutting through thick cuts of beef or raw chicken could be very challenging without having the best kitchen knives.

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